Our commitment to the factory

Product creation making the most of the natural environment

Our factory is located at the foot of the Northern Japan Alps. This area offers very beautiful scenery of each of the seasons.
We think that the good product is not manufactured only by a well-equipped facility. Particular consideration should be given to both the facilities and the environment around the factory in order to create high-quality products.

Our commitment to water

This clean water which flowed through the water vein of 100 meters below ground took long time and stratum was deep and penetrated and was filtered.
This water which is blessing of nature contains a proper balance of minerals that the body needs.

Water, as the main component of cosmetics and has a very large effect on product quality.
We use the natural water (snow meltwater) of the Northern Japan Alps which was selected as “the Top hundred famous water in Japan”

Initiatives for the environment

Based on the concept that “our factory is in green”, we maintain the environment around the factory ever since the company’s founding.
We have used groundwater for roof sprinkler in order to reduce electricity used for air conditioning as example of working to global warming.