The process of manufacturing our products

To provide safe and secure cosmetics, we conduct quality assurance-related operations from raw material acceptance to manufacturing, quality inspection, filling, packaging, finished goods inspection, and shipment.

Manufacturing process

Acceptance inspection of raw materials

The appearance and color coordination of raw materials and the print and appearance of other materials, such as containers, are inspected and we accept one which passed our strict standard value.

Manufacturing of bulk product

Raw materials are weighed, mixed, heated cooled, and filtered to make bulk product.

Quality inspection of bulk product

Inspection of viscosity, solidity, scent, color tone, pH level, and existence of microorganisms.

Filling and packaging

Filling into predetermined containers and packaging with fancy box, inner box and outer package.
Rather than relying entirely on machines, our products are given the final finishing touches by hand.

Inspection of finished products

Visual inspection of external appearance,amount of product filled and condition of packages as well as inspection of the existence of microorganisms.


Products are shipped after being picked out for specific clients and customers and packed separately.